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A comfortable treatment experience

Small incision lenticule extraction, or SMILE, is an advanced laser vision correction procedure. As a minimally invasive treatment, it offers many advantages: SMILE is usually very comfortable and stress-free. Patients mostly don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure and there is no odor or noise.

Before the treatment, anesthetic eye drops are applied to the eye to ensure that the surgery is virtually painless. An eyelid holder prevents the eye from blinking during surgery. The procedure itself takes just a few minutes and requires only three steps.

SMILE treatment steps

How you can benefit from SMILE ?

  • Minimally invasive

    SMILE requires only a small incision of about 2–4 mm – the size of the tip of a pencil. This allows for potentially high biomechanical preservation and stability.

  • Quickly back to normal

    With SMILE, full visual recovery can usually occur within just a few days following your surgery. Normally, you will be able to drive, work and participate in sports without glasses or contact lenses just a few days following treatment.

  • Generally fast healing

    SMILE requires no flap, which enables a fast recovery of corneal sensitivity and of a normal tear film. In addition, there is only a low risk of infection or transient eye syndrome.

  • Suited for many people

    Patients with dry eyes or contact lens intolerance can benefit from the flapless SMILE procedure. SMILE is also suited for people with an active lifestyle, e.g. athletes, flight crews, and military and rescue personnel.

Prominent Ophthalmologist’s Review on SMILE

Dr Mahipal Sachdev, Center For Sight

Dr Suraj Munjal, Spectra Eye Hospital

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